My artworks consider character and place, invoking narratives and identities which often effect each other.

In my newest abstracted landscapes I utilize confined space to create confined, up-close views of imagined and otherworldly lands, seas and skies with a combination of calligraphic marks and organic shapes.  

My sculptures combine disparate, yet familiar elements to create new, off-balance realities and depictions of hybrid characters formed from a fusion of man-made and natural elements. They incorporate a diverse spectrum of materials, including branches, wood, metal, and glass. 

Most of the artworks in Black and Blue were shown at Boxheart Gallery in Pittsburgh in spring of 2017. Here's a quote from the gallery's press release for the show: "January 2017 exploded into being. It bombarded everyone and everything with chaos, and revealed an apparently universal contempt. On all sides feelings of being battered followed, and Barritt found herself wanting to escape this hostile world. Her desire to flee manifested into artistic depictions of looming threats, but it also found refuge in improbable, far away lands. The need for safety morphed into drawings of unlikely protectors and guardians. Black and blue are the colors darkness, of bruises, and of sadness, but they are also the colors of strength and open sky. Barritt's series Black and Blue expresses her feelings of uncertainty and apprehension, but it also embodies a belief in our collective ability to persevere, and eventually find balance."

The Explorer depicts my visions of the denizens, landscapes and wonders encountered through quests and discovery, both factual and fanciful. 

Lost Empire examines the chaotic and unpredictable nature of the environment as it evolves through a process of transformation and dissolution. 

Siege is mostly black and white works which depict physical and metaphorical landscapes under attack from friend and foe. 

The abstracted, singular scenes in the Ever Ever artworks consider how our personal spaces, stories, and rituals are dependent not only on our environment, but also our perceptions at any given moment. These artworks were created in response to my residency with the University Musical Society.

In Swarms the landscape is subordinate to the flocks, schools and swarming masses surging over it.

Bird Hills depicts the ebb and flow of what water and people leave behind in a natural environment. These artworks are inspired by the urban forest near my current home and my memories of the tamaracks where I grew up. The Bird Hills artworks were exhibited in Natural Notations, my solo exhibition at River Centre Gallery in 2015.

Sculpture. Most of my sculptures depict hybrids formed from a fusion of natural and man-made elements. Towers free-stand on the floor and depict various characters or places. The Bejeweled artworks are tabletops which incorporate color and beadwork. These sculptures fuse ornamentation onto modified natural objects, creating new creature-like, hybrids. On the surface, these hybrids are enticing and beautiful, evoking sparkling sea creatures and otherworldly entities, but upon deeper reflection they represent our commodification of the natural world, and a visual articulation of flora and fauna in dystopian flux. The Islands are also tabletops and depict single, fanciful and isolated realities. Nothing But Blue Skies is a hanging installation.

I am currently working on Bejeweled sculptures and a project called Suburbia. 


I grew up in Carlton, Minnesota and received a BA in Art from Macalester College. I have shown my work nationally, including exhibitions at Box Heart Gallery (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), Site:Brooklyn (Brooklyn, New York), Dab Art (Ventura, California) and the Alexandria Museum (Alexandria, Louisiana). In 2014 I was selected as one of the first Visual Artists in Residence with the University of Michigan Musical Society. I live and work in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Private Drawing Lessons

I conduct private drawing lessons in my studio to both adults and children. See my Teaching page for more information.